At Elite Business Investments we will help you sort out which card- or coin-operated commercial equipment that will best fit your laundry, based on your specific goals and your store location demographics.

By selecting the right card- or coin-operated laundry equipment, you can attract customers, curb utility usage and boost profitability.

We offer a variety of washer and dryer sizes that vary from single-load top-loads to mammoth 125-pound capacity models.

Some of our washers offer programmable time-of-day pricing, wash time and water temperature—allowing storeowners to maximize profit potential. Using such controls, storeowners can shorten cycle time by up to 50 percent, thereby maximizing customer turnover and profits. On peak days in your laundry, these savings could potentially mean twice as many customers in your store.

Converting to front-load washers which are more efficient than top loads saves water and utilities; ultimately making your store more profitable. Some of our washers are so energy efficient they are ENERGY STAR qualified.